No Face Touching

Across the world, government and healthcare authorities are working together to find solutions to combat COVID-19 pandemic and to protect people. Being a responsible citizens of the nation, it’s our duty to protect each other from this virus. As we all know that life after the COVID-19 lockdown will not be easy. People will be in a state of trauma and fear. Everyone will be more cautious towards personal hygiene. As research suggests, the virus can only enter our body when infected hands are touched to the face and we all know that it is not possible to wear a mask all the time and we should be aware of the fact that the mask needs to be changed /sanitised after a certain time period.

So we designed a simple yet efficient solution for this. We made a wrist band and a neck band which will enable the buzzer sound if we try to touch our face. This device will activate in a range of 10 to 12cm. It might seem a bit bulky right now because we made this with limited components which were available during lockdown. This can be easily reduced if we use more optimized components. We believe that there is no better way to get through this, than by using technology and innovation.

Neck Band
Wrist Band

We, in our day to day life are more likely to rub our eyes. As we are going outside it is obvious that we touch things and if it is something which carries the contagious virus then it can further lead to a count in list of corona infected people. Most of the countries are dealing with this issue, these small initiatives can lead to the end of this virus.

We also want to use this device as a tool to make sure that all people can, at least get a reminder to stay safe from this virus.

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